I believe that the key to a successful UI is to have a clear content hierarchy as the soul of everything we design. The medium is irrelevant, what matters is the goal which is to deliver the content to the users, hence why a content hierarchy plays a critical part in UI design.

Wayfinding Signage Application for ExxonMobil
Wayfinding Mobile Application for ExxonMobil
Sempra Energy Monitoring Application
Homz iPhone Application
SupBro - Email App
Embarcadero Center Wayfinding Application
Midland County Library Catalog Application
Midland County Word Adventure
Canto Featured Pages Redesign
Juniper's OpenLab Website
Array Interactive Web Redesign
Juniper - The Four Pillars Motion Graphic
Jack Daniels Distillery Experience
McLaren Newport Beach
Supercar Legends - Dubai
Adobe Patent Wall Application
National Japanese American Historical Society
Brown-Forman Brand Experience
Lamborghini Club America
Disney: What Will You Celebrate
San Francisco Giants - Social Media Wall
Cisco Internet of Everything - Micro View
Adobe Interactive Wall
Nike Elite 51 3x1 Storyboard
Nike Elite 51 Storyboard
Francisco Fashion Catalog - Interactive Kiosk
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